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Katherine DeSilva, the author of "Flutter on My Cheeks: Mummy, Me & Multiple Sclerosis" is working on a range of new projects.

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Upcoming Illustrated Books

Explaining Euthanizing a Healthy Dog to Children
Little Bite, Big Love. 

A moving story to help children understand why some dogs that we love have behavior problems and need to be ut down at a young age. 
(Currently in the Illustration Phase for a Summer 2023 Release)

A Historical Book about a Real Peacock
A Peacock Goes to a Party

A historical review of historic sites along the Rt. 1A  between Ipswich and Newburyort. Following Essex Coastal Scenic Byway 
(Currently In the Research Phase for a Summer 2024 Release)

Kelly the Greenhead
Kelly the Greenhead

An Adult Satire Picture book abut a greenhead fly in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
(Currently In the Research Phase for a Summer 2025 Release)

Kelly the Greenhead

Aleteo en mis mejillas
Mamá, yo y la esclerosis múltiple.
Una versión traducida de la historia de una niña que navega por la vida cuando su madre tiene esclerosis múltiple. El personaje principal encuentra alegría en sus perros, ratas y hadas... y por supuesto el amor de su madre.

Katherine DeSilva, Author

Katherine DeSilva has been a life long designer and artist.  She has illustrated two children's books. Flutter on My Cheeks: Mummy, Me, & Multiple Sclerosis, was published in 2022.  The Great Neck Mermaid, is scheduled for releasing in early 2023. 

Katherine is currently illustrating a more ethnically diverse version of Flutter on My Cheeks and working with a translator.  

Katherine DeSilva was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) after the birth of her daughter. She works to spread awareness about MS and the huge range of issues that people with invisible illness face.

What is in the future?

Katherine and her team are interested in working with a range of new authors to create niche projects.  Topics that would be of interest in the future include: sustainable living, ecological concerns, and continuing the series on chronic health issues that face familes. 

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